WIFI Door and Window Sensor

This smart Wi-Fi door and window sensor monitors the state of itself when the door/window is opened or closed battery is in low voltage or the case is removed from the base alarm notification will be sent to your phone viewing the state of the sensor on your APP so you'll know that someone is coming in or out your home.


Power Supply:             DC 3V (LR03 AAA Battery x2)
Standby Current:        <2uA
Alarm Current:            <100mA
Wi-Fi Frequency:         2.4GHz
Wi-Fi:                         IEEE802.11b/g/n
Low Battery Alarm:      2.4V


Product Description


* Door and window open/close reports. 
* App Remote Notification
* Tamper alarm
* Low battery report
* Support Easy or AP mode for Wi-Fi connection.
* Support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and other intelligent voice control
* Display power alarm management & alarm history query
* Power supply: AAA battery x2
* Power consumption: <1uA
* Installation maximum allowable distance: 25mm
* Working temperature: 0-55 °
* WIFI frequency: 2.4GHz

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